Illusion Bait Soak

Illusion Bait Soak

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An outstanding liquid packed with all the goodness loaded into Illusion boilies. Spicy crab and fishmeal deliver a powerful, fiery, fishy profile that really makes your baits stand out from the crowd.

Designed to boost loose feed, spod mixes, and bag and stick mixes.

How to use this liquid:

  • Loose feed - simply pour the liquid directly onto your free offerings prior to your session. The liquid will 'bite' into the top layers of your loose feed ensuring they are oozing out attraction long after they've been in the water.
  • Spod mix - add as required at the mixing stage. The Bait Soak will penetrate into the particles creating a swell of spicy fishy attraction throughout the water column.
  • Bag and stick mix - use enough as required either in the mix itself or directly into a PVA bag.

100% PVA friendly

500ML bottle

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