five star baits

Est Since 2008

Stand Out From The Crowd

Jason Ray & Bobby Brown

Five Star Baits was created in 2008 initially as a personal challenge. I wanted to see if I could better the products already on the market being produced by the usual suspects. It didn't seem to matter which brand I opted for, they all seemed very similar, nothing went the extra distance, nothing stood out from the crowd.

We initially wanted to provide more choice, our first website offered a staggering 3000 permutations of baits. It soon became clear that this was precisely the wrong approach. It wasn't variety on a grand scale that was important, it was quality. There it was, in a word, quality. We can still offer a customised bait, offer advice and consultations, but when our product is opened, it has to be the quality that makes Five Star Baits a cut above the rest 



Finest Ingredients

The Quality Shines Through

Year by year, month by month we fine-tune our baits. 

Our baits are constantly evolving, the changes may be subtle, and we doubt the perfect bait is ever truly attainable, but that is our aim. Its that very challenge that keeps us pushing forwards. 

Stand out from the crowd
Be different
Be Five Star

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