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INSECTA boilies were designed to offer the modern-day carp angler a completely new way of catching carp. In order to create these 100% natural boilies, we have sourced a biodegradable, eco-friendly insect protein. In addition to being a high quality, totally sustainable protein source, insect protein production has only a small impact on the environment. And most importantly, fish absolutely love it. Unlike so many other baits, INSECTA is designed to catch fish, not the angler's nose.

We created these boilies to offer anglers a more sustainable approach to fishing for carp and other species, taking into account the impact of traditional fishmeal baits on the ocean. INSECTA is mainly composed of insects, and you'll only find natural and sustainable ingredients inside. As a result, the boilie breakdown occurs nearly three times faster than other boilies.


What sets INSECTA Boilies apart:

  • Made from black soldier fly insect-meal instead of fishmeal, minimising water pollution
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Extremely digestible
  • Much more lake-friendly than conventional boilies

Available in 1KG resealable pouches of 12mm, 15mm or 18mm baits. Also available in a 10KG bulk bag with a £20 saving.

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